Quick Coconut Flour Brownie Bites

   Two of my favorite things, brownies and quick.  While I don't always mind an intricate and very involved recipe, most of the time I prefer something fast and easy.  Don't we all?  This is not only fast and easy, it's chocolatey, rich, nutritious, and very filling. 

    I've been playing around with a different coconut flour, similar to my regular Bob's Red Mill Coconut Flour in terms of the nutritional value, but very different texture and taste wise.  The type I'm using now is from Honeyville Farms.  It has a slightly grainier feel and a little less intense coconut flavor.  I've made this recipe with both, and loved it with either. 

    The only changes I made to this super easy recipe are: instead of maple syrup, I used 2 teaspoons of  Torani Sugar Free Syrup - Vanilla Bean (any vanilla flavored sugar free syrup should be fine, I kinda like this one a little more) and 4 drops of EZ-Sweetz, instead of regular vanilla protein powder, I used a french vanilla flavored whey protein isolate (a lot less carbs), I beat the egg before adding it to the mixture (I was getting bits of egg white in my other ones), and I left out the stevia.  Oh, and I let mine cook until it has a slightly crisp outside.  I was always the one that would eat all of the corner and side brownies because of that crispy edging.  Sounds like a lot of changes, but really it isn't.

    For the recipe, click on this link: Thrive Style - Breakfast Brownies.  I usually like to have mine with a little bit of freshly whipped heavy cream sweetened with a touch of that same vanilla sugar free syrup, or with a glass of ice cold unsweetened almond milk. 


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