Yooooohooo! Anyone around?

No...  I haven't fallen off the planet, or ran away and found an isolated beach in the Pacific, on a magical island where carbs mysteriously disappear from even the carbiest of foods.  Though... that does sound rather appealing!

If you're reading this, thanks for sticking around!  I've been busy with family stuff, and I've taken on a few new projects and adventures that have been a bit, hmmm, how to word this...  involved?

So...  where can you find me these days if I'm not on here posting some ramblings and pics of food?  Well, I'm posting ramblings and pics of food over on the Facebook page for Low Carb Zen, and trying my best to answer questions, slay trolls and spammers, and guide new followers into valuable resources.  I love it, and I love getting to work with Dixie!  Come on over, and check us out over there!  We make it really difficult for you to say you can't do Low Carb and enjoy it, LOL!

Ok, well that's all well and good, Theresa, but what's with the cool news pic?  I have news!  It's been a slow process, mostly because I have the attention span of a fruit fly that fell in coffee, but really really soon, I'll be sharing.... my new page!  It's going to be based on the same premise, reviewing recipes found out there in the Low Carb world, with a few of my own creations thrown in the mix, but I'll also be sharing some articles and resources that I find helpful, as well as product recommendations, and just in general things that I think you might find useful, on your Low Carb journey. 

Stay tuned, check your email for an update (and probably a whole bunch of random weird emails that I'll apologize in advance for, since, technology and I don't always play well together), follow me on Low Carb Zen, and on my sadly neglected page, The Low Carb Review, and eventually, we'll be all together, once again!